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As you may or may not know my name is Alicia Tam, and am the proud owner of the cutest boutiqe store ever...Milou Dress House!

It all started with a dream as they say... Despite finishing my law and Japanese degree, my desire to start a fashion boutique in Townsville was a much stronger calling. My passion, to bridge the gap between a young Supre' and the more mature Millers stores was not only my focus, I felt it was my grounding, my was where I was meant to be in my journey for a career. 

Milou dress House is here to prove that any shape or size can look good in new, funky and up to date styles!

Now that Im a mother the desire is even stronger. Milou Dress House wants include and provide mums all around Australia with hip functional styles, because you know what...YOU deserve it...and YES you still look good!

10 years on and Im so grateful to see the following and support that all of you guys out there have for Milou Dress House! 

THANK YOU for all your support, as a working Mum, I am truly blessed. I know I will do my best to bring you more of Milou's unique styles!

BUT GUESS WHAT... THERE'S MORE! Because of your support, it has brought Milou to its next stage in life - our very own label! And YES, it is not far away! Watch this space!

Mwahh! Lou Lou



Milou Dress House has been operating for over a decade, out of a Boutique style mall front shop in Townsville, North Queensland!

With a demand from clients all over Australia , it was only natural our online store was born. We understand just how busy life can be. You can rest assured that you will still be able to update your wardrobe with all the current global fashion trends by shopping in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else for that matter) and at your leasure.

Concerned about issues regarding online shopping such as return policies, dont be! Milou has a store credit policy if returned, tags still attached, undamaged within 14 days of purchase!

Needing something in a hurry? Milou will always process orders before 3pm on the same day and if need be items acn be express posted.

We receive stock almost on a daily basis so there is always something new to look at and will always be up to date with the latest fashion.

At Milou customer service is our number one priority.



The labels that Milou stock include the likes of Jaase, Ebby & I, Label of Love, Sunny Girl, Angel Biba, Mika & Gala, Luka, Shareen, CKM, Lily Whyt, Sass, Fate, Vangelica, Boho, Miracle, Spicy Sugar,  Punky B, just to name a few! 

All of these labels have a couple of things in common, they are very affordable yet quality is not compromised in any way. 

Milou Dress House definately has a North Queensland flavour with a large amount of the stock featuring tropical patterns, colours and designs!  Much of the stock is totally adaptable to the Queensland climate whether it be summer or winter!  Keeping all this in mind we are always trying to source out new labels and most definately keeping up with the global and local fashion scene by adding new stock to the Milou collection on a bi weekly basis.


Milou is your one stop shop for a convenient, affordable and satisfying online boutique experience.


Alicia Tam
Owner & Manager